Paola Masi

Paola Masi is an artist with a deep sense of what lies unseen beyond form. Her practice consists in vessels thrown on the potter’s wheel in transition to abstract sculptures.

Both her environment when growing up (Genzano di Roma, Lake Nemi, Italy) and her interest in eastern philosophy laid the foundation for the construction of her poetic and recognizable universe of unique ceramic sculptures, that dwell on the border of reality and reflection, the tangible and the invisible.

Her approach to ceramics is purely intuitive and technically challenging. The thrown shapes, cut open and sculpted, seem to move and challenge gravity: like an open question, they draw you in. 

Her goal is to elicit active sensorial and mental participation from the viewer.

Alone or placed on metal supports and mirrors, her art works seem to stage a play of forms, reflecting and sublimating the human condition: the body as vessel, relationships, perception, duality and unity are central in her practice; Masi evokes the play of life.

Her work breaths an all-enveloping mysticism that is influenced by her studies of Sufism. 

The quest for beauty is never pure aestheticism: for the artist, uninterested in a marketed narrative, beauty does not refer to that which pleases the eye or  to the passing fashion of the season.

Rather, it points to that which lies unseen beyond all forms and acts as the door to the mystery of the human soul, nexus of the creative power which unites us all.


Adoráble ART+DESIGN, Den Haag (Nederlands)
AMBIT GALERIA D’ART, Barcelona (Spain)
ESH GALLERY, Milan (Italy)


Curriculum Vitae